Our Team

Customer service is not a department, its our motto


Constantly innovate, and strive to be the best. The idea for A3 automotive was born more than 10 years ago. Growing up next to a garage and car dealership, our founders were exposed to vehicles at an early age. As young adults, a passion for grassroots Motorsports developed and there was no turning back. A lack of proper facilities in the country stoked the desire to introduce modern technology and a professional skill set to the market. Often difficult to obtain and expensive parts led us to seek out overseas partnerships to be able to deliver to our customers the products they desire at an affordable price. 2014 marked an important milestone, when A3 was formally registered and took a leap forward to achieving the goal. We are here now to serve you our customers, whether you are looking for routine maintenance or building a race engine, we’re happy to help.

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